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ECI Disc Brake Components

Residual Pressure Valves
Inline residual pressure valves are required when using master cylinders without internal residual valves or in the drum brake circuit of a disc/drum system using a 4 wheel disc brake master cylinder. 10 psi valve used for drum brake systems only. 2 psi valve used can be used as an anti-siphon valve in a disc brake system. 10 psi valve is not required in a disc/drum system when using EC-525 proportioning valve. Specify line size when ordering.
EC-650 - 2 psi R.P.V. $ 25.00
EC-655 - 10 psi R.P.V. $ 25.00

Bearings and Seals
Bearing and seal kits for our brake kits come with 2 new inner and 2 new outer bearings and races and 2 new grease seals (except EC-703, 721, 721F). Specify kit number when ordering.
For EC-710-736 - (except EC-703, 721, 721F):
EC-760 - $ 50.00

For EC-703, 721, 721F:
EC-760A - $ 45.00

For EC-700:
EC-760B - $ 100.00

Front Disc Brake Combination Valve
The combination valve is a hold-off/metering valve and rear brake proportioning valve in one common body. Used in most disc/drum systems.
Combination Valve:
EC-525 - $ 84.95

All ECI rotors are brand new and are manufactured by a major American brake products company. They are the highest quality rotors available anywhere.
70-77 Camaro/Firebird & 73-76 Chevelle/Monte Carlo, ect:
EC-900 - $ 90.00 /pair

67-69 Camaro/Firebird, 69-72 Chevelle/Monte Carlo, ect 69-74 Nova, ect:
EC-901 - $ 135.00 /pair

75-81 Aspen/Volare/Diplomat ect:
EC-902 - $ 110.00 /pair

75-80 Granada/ Monarch:
EC-903 - $ 110.00 /pair

79-81 Trans-Am rear disc - 4-3/4" and 4-1/2" bolt circles:
EC-905M - $ 125.00 /pair

73-93 Ford F100/150:
EC-906 - $ 120.00 /pair

Drilled Rotors
Cross drilled rotors are available for all ECI disc brake conversions.
add.......$ 50.00 per rotor

Rubber Brake Hose Kit
These are GM type rubber hoses for the 69-up GM single piston type caliper. Kit comes with two hoses, caliper attaching bolts and 4 sealing gaskets. (front hoses only)
69-77 GM:
EC-750 - $ 50.00 /pair

78-up GM:
EC-751 - $ 50.00 /pair

Vacuum Brake Hose
The correct rubber hose designed specifically for vacuum brake booster applications. Not a fuel line or hydraulic hose.
Vacuum Hose:
EC-630 - $ 2.00 /ft.

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