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ECI Universal Brake Assist (UBA)

We are introducing our new Universal Brake Assist. This new brake booster system takes assisted braking to a new level of performance without the use of any external assistance. The Universal Brake Assist is a completely self contained system that requires no vacuum, no hydraulic pressure, and no electrical power.

Brake pedal input force is increased using a unique combination of both hydraulic and mechanical systems to increase the master cylinder pushrod force by 75%. Used in conjunction with the supplied master cylinder the Universal Brake Assist yields a 100% increase in system pressure compared to typical unboosted 1 inch bore master cylinder, and unlike a vacuum booster the Universal Brake Assist does not reach a "saturation point" but continues to provide a linear increase in pushrod force with increasing pedal force.

An additional safety feature is a 100% fail-safe system providing manual backup in the event of unit or master cylinder failure.

Please contact us today for more information on fit, pricing, and availability of this exciting new product!

The Universal Brake Assist is constructed using light weight aluminum
components and weighs less than 6 pounds. It can be firewall or under floor mounted
using a variety of plastic and optional aluminum reservoirs. Remote fill configurations
are also available.

ECI Universal Brakes Assist (UBA)
Sample Image - Actual Kit Contents May Vary

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