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ECI Brake Pressure Multiplier

Recipient of the 2004 NSRA Best New Product, and Best New Safety products Awards

The ECI brake pressure multiplier (BPM) utilizes a unique step piston configuration to increase brake system pressures 50-60% where it’s needed most- at higher pedal forces. The BPM uses the excess fluid capacity available in the master cylinder bore to provide increased line pressure for the low volume requirements of a small piston caliper brake system, such as Ford Explorer, Corvette and GM rear disc brake calipers, and is ideal for use with rear drum brake systems.

Due to it’s step piston multiplication system, the BPM continues to provide 150% to 160% of inlet pressure as pedal effort increases, unlike a vacuum booster’s assist, which remains constant after maximum
boost is reached with line pressure only increasing linearly with increased pedal force

Low pressure operation and system filling remain unchanged, with pressure multiplication occurring only at the higher pressure levels required for optimum system performance. Each BPM is tailored to your exact system requirements during assembly to provide the
maximum increase in pressure and brake performance. A slight increase in pedal travel is required for operation.

The BPM is installed in the brake line and can be used with or without a vacuum booster. Chassis mounting is required..

EC-1500...................................$ 159.95

EC-1500 Chart


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