Welcome to the ECI Internet site and thank you for your interest in our products. As you progress through our site, we are sure you will realize that ECI has spent the last 30+ years developing the most complete line of street rod brake systems and components available anywhere. Street rod brake systems are not only our business - but also our specialty. We can supply brake system components for your rod from the basic brackets and hardware up to and including complete front and rear brake systems - from "Lo-buck to Hi-tech".

We also offer a complete line of master cylinder and power brake mounting assemblies unmatched by any other manufacture in our industry. Our street rod power brake system have been designed and developed specifically for street rod applications and to provide you with true power brake performance - along with dual master cylinder safety.

Our product line is always expanding. From Zero Offset disc brake conversions to our full line of brake pedal assemblies. Universal applications to bolt in applications. We also offer the needed valving to make your system complete. Please see for yourself what we have for you!

Our Latest Edition: ECI 4 in 1 Tubing Bender
The ECI 4 in 1 tubing bender is the most versatile tubing bender available for the hobbyist, chassis fabricators, prototyping, and short run production applications. Its numerous uses and features provide a versatility and flexibility unmatched by any other tube bender of its type available.
ECI 4 in 1 Tube Bender
fig.1 (click picture for gallery)

Bends 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 inch tubing - all in just one bender.

- Simple, easy operation enables exact bending without the need for complex tooling. A simple tape measure produces accurate configurations.

- Vise mounted for ease of operation and more precise bends. Makes up to 180 degree bends in seconds.

- Capable of "Zero Lead - Off Nut" bending on inverted flare, compression, and single flared applications. The bend starts at the tube nut. Available on no other bender.

- 180 degree scale with indicator for precision one stroke operation at any angle.
Optional 3 dimensional back gauge is available that allows for "out of plane" bending. It also allows for precise positioning for making multiple bends, and repetitive tube production, and provides numerous options for holding and positioning for unmatched accuracy and ease of use. Includes two piece main shaft for stop settings up to 42 inches. Longer lengths available.

Detailed instructions and handy tips on tube fabrication.

Compare the "4 in 1" bender to the cost of 4 individual benders with none of the above features and give us a call.

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65-70 Mustag Kit (EC-737CK) This kit is a bolt on to your stock Mustang V8 car spindle using our aluminum hub, 11 in. dia. rotors, and BIG piston GM calipers.
Our new Chrysler product disc brake conversions are designed to bolt on to your stock factory Chrysler drum brake spindles with no machine work required. The steering arms, ball joints and suspension components are retained. These conversions use our aluminum hubs and dust covers, 11 inch diameter rotors and big piston GM calipers. These calipers offer 15-25% more braking then the later Chrysler factory 'B' body brake systems without changing spindles!
37-41 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car (EC-757CK)

46-54 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car and 
55 Plymouth passenger car with 10" drums

55-56 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car (EC-759CK)

57-61 Dodge and Plymouth passenger car and
58-61 Chrysler

62-72 'B' Body and 70-72 'E' Body cars (EC-768CK)

65-72 'C' Body cars (EC-769CK)

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